Friday, January 1, 2010

Presenting Memory Barriers at SpeakerConf 2010

The one thing I'd like to see more of on conference circuits are the basics. I often find myself more interested in concepts that have been around for decades more than the latest and greatest framework. This year at SpeakerConf I'll be doing another talk on concurrency and I'll be getting closer to the metal. Memory barriers, or fences, are a set of processor instructions used to apply ordering limitations on memory operations. Without memory barriers every mutex, actor or synchronization point in your application is broken; so consider this talk to be relevant to all languages. Looking forward to another great lineup this year:

Steve Vinoski, Neal Ford, Stuart Halloway, Obie Fernandez, Brian Marick, Philippe Hanrigou, Dave Hoover, Pramod Sadalage, Oren Eini, George Malamidis, Matt Deiters, Amanda Laucher, Michael Nygard, Freg George, Dave Thomas, Aslak Hellesoy, Pat Farley, Eric Yew and Robert Martin

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