Saturday, December 22, 2007

Java & Erlang proposal accepted for TSSJS conference

Looks like I'll be in Vegas this March. TheServerSide conference committee has invited me to give a fireside chat at the 7th annual TSS Java Symposium. Here's my submitted abstract:

Concurrent Programming with Java and Erlang
The industry is going parallel. This session will demonstrate how trivial it is to build highly scalable fault tolerant systems in Java with JInterface, an open source bridge for Java and Erlang. Learn the differences between Java threads and Erlang processes. See how to write software that can take advantage of multi-core processing without locks, keys, synchronization or shared memory.

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ooblogger said...

Hi Dennis, I didn't know where should I left it so I just leave it here. Just wanted to say it's a really great article you left on The Server Side about Erlang and Java, please don't stop on that :)
Good Luck