Tuesday, November 6, 2007

TDD + JSF BOF @ ApacheCon next week

Stan Silvert and I are doing a presentation on testing JavaServer Faces applications at ApacheCon US 2007 next week. Swing by Room 4 on Thursday, November 14 to hear us cover the Apache Shale (soon to be Myfaces) and JSFUnit.


edburns said...

Hello Dennis,

Are you going to JavaPolis this year? I'm giving a talk on JSF 2.0 as well as whatever other BOF type stuff we can put together.


Not Dennis Byrne said...

Hey Ed,

I won't be there unfortunately. Stan is going to be there though, so maybe the two of you can collaborate. Good luck with "JSF Days" BTW, I am working on "JSF Nights"!

Matthias said...

Hey Dennis,

JSF Nights sounds great. After that, we can do the "Wacky Faces"