Wednesday, May 2, 2007

JavaOne 2007 Panel Discussion on JSF & AJAX

I'll be joining Stephen Maryka, Ed Burns, Gary Horen, Max Katz, and Mark Schiefelbein next week in San Fransisco to discuss JSF and AJAX. Join us on Thursday May 10 from 1:30 to 2:30 PM.

Here's a summary of the session:

The programming model for Ajax has recently shown signs of migrating from the client side of the connection to the server side. In the Java EE world, the form many Ajax runtime frameworks have chosen to take is JavaServer Faces technology-based. Come meet with some of the creators of these JavaServer Faces technology-based Ajax frameworks, and hear about why they think these two technologies are a good marriage and where they see this going in the future.

Here is the agenda:
• Why Ajax and JavaServer Faces technology are a good match
• Some of the challenges involved in designing an Ajax web application with JavaServer Faces technology
• How using JavaServer Faces technology compares to using more-client-centric programming models
• Cost/benefit trade-offs of a JavaServer Faces technology model versus a pure client-side model (server resources and scalability versus functional advantages, and so on)
• Some of the architectural challenges involved in creating a JavaServer Faces technology-based Ajax framework
• Interoperability between different frameworks in the same web application
• Possible future directions

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jtp51 said...

Cool. I'll be looking forward to this.